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Predictive Policing Continues to Gain Wide Acceptance

Predictive Policing - Investigative Database

Algorithms prevent crime before it happens Police in the US, and increasingly in Europe, are using statistical models to predict where crime will happen next. This computer-driven law enforcement has reduced crime, but has also raised civil liberties concerns. The London Metropolitan Police Service has become the latest in a string of law enforcement agencies to adopt statistical software that aims to prevent crime by predicting where it will happen next. Called PredPol, the computer program has been used for years in the United States, where it has apparently helped reduce the rate of assault, burglaries and robberies in major metro areas. Developed at UCLA in California by … [Read more...]

New Law Enforcement Investigative Data Technology Helps Police Solve More Cases.

LP Police - Law Enforcement Investigative Database

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LP Police Database Searches Consistently Deliver Fast and Accurate Results. (Boston, MA) – LP Police, America's #1 Person and Cell Phone Search Database for Government & Law Enforcement has introduced a new website that features the finest investigative database for Law Enforcement agencies.   The LP Police website has been completely re-designed for ease of use and fast access to the latest comprehensive reports. Tap into billions of records easily, find what you are looking for and “Catch the Bad Guys”. All of the searches have been restructured to provide users with the most sought after information.  This includes a broad range of search categories, comprised of over 25 new … [Read more...]

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