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Criminals Use Social Media Too

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The Internet has transformed crime. Many criminals today use the Internet to commit crimes such as cyber stalking and identity theft.

Many people post a lot of personal information on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Privacy is often not respected when people surf online.

Now, criminals can hack into Facebook and Twitter accounts and retrieve personal information about people.

More than 80% of crimes that are committed online involve the usage of social media websites. Privacy concerns have been aired for several years regarding this issue but people still post personal photos, birth dates, email addresses and other information on their profile and news pages. This information can be used against people very easily.

Young children who use social media sites can become victims of sex crimes. This is why people need to protect themselves online. For example, people should never post that they will e going on vacation. If people know that a house will be unoccupied for a period of time then burglars could learn this through social media and commit a crime.

Statistics have shown that 20% of people have been a victim of online crime.

This figure could increase as time goes by. More than one million people each day become victims so it is crucial for people to keep their online profiles private and only share basic information with their friends and followers. The world has changes a great deal since the personal computer was invented.

People have to change their mind sets so that they do not become a victim.

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