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Subject: Great Customer Service!

Praise for LocatePLUS VIP Training & Customer Support:

Katie… Today’s Training Session was the Best Ever!
You’re an excellent communicator, an extremely patient instructor, and there’s a beautiful, warm and friendly personality to boot.

I thoroughly enjoyed the level of professional knowledge you exhibited in your search and decipher demonstration.  You possess great command of your computer system. I never felt lost as you navigated me through it.

In short… YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!! 
Many thanks to you and the LocatePlus team.

I will highly recommend you to all of my colleagues.

Melvin Boone Jr.

MBJ Investigations & Judgment Recovery
Wheat Ridge, Colorado


Subject: LocatePLUS







Subject: attention Amanda, customer service


I would like to bring to your attention the ” over the top ” assistance I’ve received from Laura in customer service.

We recently reactivated our account with Locate Plus.

During the initial start-up and reconfigured system Laura has been of great assistance to my unit.

She has either answered my calls or returned them promptly and also has been kind, considerate and patient with me as I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computers.

In these times it is a pleasure to contact a customer service center and actually get service.

Far too often people that do good work don’t receive the accolades they deserve.

Laura is a credit to your company.

Thank you,

– (Name withheld by request)

Massachusetts State Police


Subject: Excellent Customer Service

Today I experienced an inability to access your new web site. I called upon Customer Service for assistance.

I was aided by your representative who I know only as Laura.

Her patience, professionalism, technical knowledge, pleasant personality and tenacious approach to resolving my issue contributed to a very favorable and rapid solution.

I would be remiss if I failed to express my satisfaction and appreciation for the manner in which Laura helped me and represented Locate Plus.

Kenneth O.


Subject: High Praise!!!

Dear Ms. Acunha,

I have used Locate plus for more years than I can recall.

On most occasions I have received very good service when I have called and asked for assistance, which is one of the reasons I have remained with Locate Plus over the years.

As you may be aware, there are Date Bases out there that charge less for some of their searches, however I have always felt Locate Plus was superior to the other data bases I have used over the years, due in part to your customer service. Another reason it is difficult to teach old dogs like me new tricks.

Last week, on August 8, 2012, I don’t mind telling you I was just a bit frustrated with your new programs. I have been in the private investigation business since 1986 after a 20 year career in law enforcement. You can only imagine how difficult it is for me to adjust to the new programs I am exposed to every day. If only all I had to do was use my wits to locate people then use a simple type writer to prepare my reports! Of course the computer age has increased my productivity to unbelievable speed and accuracy. It is me that remains slow!

The reason for my note to you is to call to your attention Ms. Glenna Terwilliger.

On August 8, I tried to log in to Locate Plus and found out that AGAIN I had to change my password! I realize the importance to maintaining security and to make sure nobody is trying to log in using my identification and pass word, BUT it absolutely drives me crazy trying to come up with yet another pass word. Then to find out the format for Locate Plus searches has changed as well, nearly drove me over the edge! THEN I found out tying to contact Locate Plus under my favorites only served to let me know I was unable to do it! Now I am about a Nano second of yanking out the few remaining hairs that are left on my head. I was right in the middle of trying to locate a person for a very unreasonable client, who simply would not accept my explanation of “The system is down.”

I called the number provided on your site and received a voice message requesting my name, problem and call back number. Yet another frustration, as my client had just called again with more complaints about my inability to do what I had represented to him.

Within a few minutes I was called by Ms. Terwilliger. What a pleasant surprise for me! Ms. Terwilliger listened patiently to my rambling about my inadequacy involving the use of my computer, my frustration with trying to log on to Locate Plus then my frustration with your “new and improved system.” I must tell you I am still not convinced your “new and improved” system is any better than the one I was used to but I have been assured by Ms. Terwilliger when I get used to it, I will like it.

The reason for this long message is, I have never had a better experience with any customer service representative in any company anywhere then I did with Ms. Terwilliger.

It was the end of her day and I am sure she had been overwhelmed with Locate Plus customers trying to figure out your new system, yet she was very cheerful, patient, and knowledgeable while working me through the “new and improved” system at Locate Plus. Ms. Terwilliger is a true asset to you, Locate Plus, and all who work there. She is an absolute delight to work with. She never made me feel like the idiot I can be. She took all of the time I needed to not only to get back on line with Locate Plus but has told me if I need additional tutoring, she is available to assist me.

Then, Today!!!I AGAIN had to change my password! Oh No! Not again!! Shudders!!! Cuss Words!!! Oh boy I was not a very happy camper. I called again as instructed and within a few minutes Ms. Terwilliger returned my call! I am now a happy camper!!!

In all seriousness Ms. Terwilliger is to be commended for her kind, patient, cheerful, and knowledgeable assistance she renders your customers. As you know, your business is very competitive, but with a staff like Ms. Terwilliger, you will be in business for a very long time. She is a very positive reflection of you, your staff and Locate Plus.

It is a pleasure working with her. Please let her know I deeply appreciate her and all she has done for me.

If you have any questions regarding my experience with Ms. Terwilliger, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Again please convey to her my deepest appreciation of her.


Carl B. smith
Carl B. Smith Investigations
Riverside CA.

Ms. Acunha, please let Ms. Terwilliger know just how much I appreciate her. She is exactly the type of person you and Locate Plus needs to keep your customer base happy with Locate Plus.

It is because of her I have decided to remain using Locate Plus and have no intention of changing my Data Base.


Subject: Your LocatePLUS Access Information

Glenna, I’m in Seventh Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed having my Locate Plus so much over the past few years and I’m glad I went with LP instead of that IRB or whatever it’s called.

LP is more accurate on WHERE a person might likely be, than Accuraint will ever be!!!

Time and again, for past 12+ years, LP has done the job for me! Unreal.

I will take the course/learning program next week when I get some ‘desk time’

Please tell Alyssa how thrilled I am.




Subject: LocatePLUS Training Results

Glenna did a training with a new customer today who uses Lexis, Experian and Accurint and could not find the info on any of her sites.

She had been looking for this individual for months and finally found the data on LP!

Nice work Glenna!


Subject: LocatePLUS Training Results

Just wanted to let you know that I located this persons mom and she gave me her cell and home phone number.


Your service gave me info that I couldn’t find anywhere!!

– (Name withheld by request)


Subject: Re: LocatePLUS

Hi Glenna,

Starting a new business that dealt with finding people who were owed money meant that I needed to have a database that held accurate information about the people I was trying to find. Often these folks had lost their homes, moved interstate to live with family members or recently changed phone numbers.

While trying to find databases that would work I ran into unexpected stonewalls. One database company wanted me to be in business for a year before they would be permit use of their database – a not so subtle brick wall aimed at preventing small business ownership. Another offered a free trial of a week, but then after that a budget shattering $300 a month.

However, the overwhelming databases I tried routinely had information that was outdated, inaccurate and sold information per search.

Then, finding LocatePlus, I found the happy medium. Relatively inexpensive data available to entrepreneurs with a friendly, helpful staffto get started.

I’m not looking back. This what I was looking for in the first place.


Mike W.


Subject: Customer Service experience…

Hi Amanda,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know… what Great Customer Service I always receive from Laura!!!

In the past, whenever I have called in to get assistance with logging onto the website or have any questions or issues on anything, Laura is there to give me Awesome Customer Care!

She always resolves my issues and leaves me a ‘happy camper’!

She is Energized, Upbeat and Always has a Smile in her Voice!

She can handle any problem with ease. I can tell that she loves what she does. She is great on the phone and is pleasing to speak with. She’s my ‘Go to Girl’ when I call in.

She is an asset to Locate Plus and I wanted you to know how much I Appreciate her and the Awesome Customer Service that She gives to me!

I’m just another Happy and Satisfied customer!

Have a great day!

Valerie Preston – In Search Of, Inc.


Subject: Service

Alyssa & Glenna,

You guys have been fantastic in understanding the change of venue for me and customizing the service as needed.

I appreciate that you have enjoyed working with me so well, I will be sending you some clients your way in the Repossession and Enforcement section and we will keep in touch, if you’re ever in New Orleans be sure to get a hold of me, my wife and I would love to show yall around

Be safe and thanks again!

Kelly P. – CPP

Pre Judgment Investigator/Skip Tracer/Recovery Specialist


Subject: LocatePLUS Search Result


You are a Saint and a God Send!!!

I truly appreciate all you have done for me and your wonderful attitude while helping me.

As I told you, I am ancient and I quickly get confused and frustrated when learning new things on this machine called a computer!!! You were so patient with me and so sweet while trying to help this old dunder head! I can only imagine the number of calls you received today with the new changes at Locate Plus.

I remain amazed at your kindness, knowledge,and patience while dealing with me at the end of your day.

I will be contacting you for the instruction you so kindly offered me.

I would like to let your Management know of your kindness and patience with me.

Please provide me with the name and contact information of someone at Locate Plus who I can thank for your assistance and kindness. You are an asset to them and all you interact with.

I hope you were able to enjoy your evening after a day of people like me!!!

Carl B. Smith Investigations

Riverside CA.


Subject: It was great talking to you

Your help today was very informative and you were very pleasant to speak with.

Your communications skills are very sharp and your knowledge of the product exceptional.

Have a great day

Jordan D.


Subject: awesome employee

I have been with LP for a while now and I wanted to share several positive experiences I have had with one of your valued employees.

Glenna T. (I’m sorry not sure how to spell last name) has been such an amazing representative and that has been so helpful in my learning curve on locate plus.

I call Glenna and she helps me with anything I need. It’s like having my own personal rep with LP. I love it.

No, seriously she has been an asset to my company so whatever Glenna needs, she should get. lol

Thank you for employing not only a wonderful person but such an asset to your/mine companies. Thank you.

Sandy C. – CFE


Just wanted to send you a quick note to commend you on the new website!

It looks great, easy to navigate, and faster than ever.

Great job!

– (Name withheld by request)


I couldn’t be happier with the results that I continually get with LocatePlus and your customer service team is Top Notch as always.

Keep up the great work!

– Michael T.


I’ve been very pleasantly surprised with LocatePlus.

I was told by others in my field that your service was decent but not on par with some other services, but I’ve found LocatePlus to be every bit as good as any other service I’m signed up for, and I find myself using it to the exclusion of most others.

– (Name withheld by request)


When I signed up with LocatePlus, I found the happy medium.

Relatively inexpensive data available to entrepreneurs with a friendly, helpful staff to get started.

I’m not looking back.

This what I was looking for in the first place.

– Mike W.


It all comes down to customer service and from my experience working with other Databases has not been as “User Friendly”.

The enhancements you have made to your Database is excellent.

This makes our work much easier.

– Connie B.


I would like to call your attention to the efforts of one of your Customer Service Reps, Laura, in assisting and walking me through a protracted password change.

In three on-line attempts I was unable to update my password.

I am thankful that Laura had the patience to walk me through the procedure.

She actually turned an unpleasant situation into an enjoyable experience.

– Roman


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