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Big Data & the Boston Marathon Probe

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Extracting Key Investigative Data from the "Noise" Over Ten Terabytes of Data did not overwhelm federal, local and state investigators.   What follows is a fascinating story involving advanced data access, tracking and retrieval technologies.  Boston probe's big data use hints at the future By Frank Konkel - Article Courtesy of:  FCW Less than 24 hours after two explosions killed three people and injured dozens more at the April 15 Boston Marathon, the Federal Bureau of Investigation had compiled 10 terabytes of data in hopes of finding needles in haystacks of information that might lead to the suspects. The tensest part of the ongoing investigation – the death of one suspect and the capture … [Read more...]

Private Investigators & Law Enforcement

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LocatePLUS continues to provide full SSNs, MVR, DOBs, Criminal Records and unlimited person search data to Private Investigators and Law Enforcement officials. LocatePLUS, the leading provider of cost-effective, personally identifiable information in the US, understands how important SSN’s and DOB’s are to investigative needs. Its investigative database contains billions of records to ensure the fastest and most accurate information every time. Credentialed businesses or individuals in any applicable industry can gain access to and benefit from this data. CEO Ronald Lifton says, “We are eager and proud to inform our existing and new customers that we will continue to provide full … [Read more...]

ATF Buying Huge Amounts of Big Data for Criminal Investigations

ATF - Tactical Operations Officer

The ATF Wants ‘Massive’ Online Database to Find Out Who Your Friends Are BY ROBERT BECKHUSEN  Article Courtesy of:  Wired.com The ATF is looking to speed up its caseload with an automated database for searching individuals — like these cadets during a 2010 civilian training session — and discovering the relationships between them. The ATF doesn’t just want a huge database to reveal everything about you with a few keywords. It wants one that can find out who you know. And it won’t even try to friend you on Facebook first. According to a recent solicitation from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the bureau is looking to buy a “massive online data repository system” for its … [Read more...]

Skip Tracing Solutions

LocatePLUS Investigative Database Solutions

LocatePLUS continues to provide full SSNs, MVR, DOBs, Criminal Records and unlimited person search data to Private Investigators, Law Enforcement officials and credentialed businesses. LocatePLUS serves investigators, legal, process servers, bail bondsmen, recovery, collections, finance, security, government and law enforcement to ensure they can locate anyone, anywhere. Our proprietary investigative database cross-references billions of records to deliver search results in near-real-time. LocatePLUS is a SaaS-based investigative solution that uses cloud computing and proprietary search algorithms to deliver the most complete searches and comprehensive investigative reports in the industry. Our online … [Read more...]

Police Investigators, Electronic Communications & Privacy Issues

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Police must treat text messages as private, top court rules Article Courtesy of:  "The Globe and Mail" In the US  courts are confronting the same issues and the trend favors admissibility. Read More:   United States Courts Confront Admissibility of Text and Instant Messages Text messages deserve the same degree of privacy as other electronic communications, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled this morning. The court invalidated an expansive search by a rural Ontario police force of previously-sent text messages preserved by an internet service provider, Telus Corp. A 5-2 court majority said that, despite technological differences, “text messaging bears several hallmarks of traditional voice … [Read more...]

Facebook Search Tools

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Facebook Graph Search to add posts, comments to search Article Courtesy of:  CNET by Donna Tam In addition to searching users, pages, and photos, Facebook's search tool will be able to search through things like posts and comments soon, the company says. (Credit: Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET) Facebook posted a deep dive of the tech behind its Graph Search ranking system today and buried at the bottom was a promise of new features: posts and comments search. Sriram Sankar, an engineering manager on Facebook's search infrastructure team, wrote in the post that Facebook next steps include a better search on mobile and new content. "We are also extending our search capabilities to do better text … [Read more...]

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