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Custom Search Tools

Search Engines

Search Engines

Tip: Use quotation marks around email addresses, names, and user name.

Google (Names, Addresses, Email, etc)
Bing (Names, Addresses, Email, etc)
BingVsGoogle (Compare Results)
Case Sensitve Search (Case Sensitive)
Yahoo Advanced (Advanced Bing Options)
eFind (Names, Addresses, Email, etc)
Exalead (Names, Addresses, Email, etc)
Zuula (Multiple Search Engine Comparison)
Yippy (Names, Addresses, Email, etc)
iSEEK (Names, Addresses, Email, etc-Categorized)
iBoogie (Names, Addresses, Email, etc-Categorized)
iZito (Names, Addresses, Email, etc-Categorized)
Carrot2 (Names, Addresses, Email, etc-Categorized)
Slikk (Live View Engine)
Yandex (Russian Search Engine)
Baidu (Chinese Search Engine)
Colossus (International Engine List)
NerdyData (Code Search Engine)
Google Groups (Newsgroups)
Yahoo Groups (Newsgroups)
Google News Archive (Advanced News Search)
Newspaper Archive (Scanned Newspapers)
Google Blogsearch (Blog Searcher)
Google Alerts (Search Notifications)
Google Translate (Translate Text & Websites)
Bing Translate (Translate Text & Websites)
2Lingual Google (Dual Country Search)
Google Advanced Search (Custom Commands)
Google All-In-One (One Stop Google Shop)
Google WDYL (Scrapbook View)
GlobalFile (FTP Search Engine)
Google FTP (FTP Search Engine)
Napalm FTP (FTP Search Engine)

Facebook / Google Plus

Facebook Custom Tools (Search Options)
Facebook (Social Networking Page)
Facebook Email ID (Convert email to FB account)
Facebook Wall Search (Must be logged in)
Facebook Recover Lookup (ID Profile)
Open Book (Wall Search without login)
SocialSearch (Facebook Archive)
Facebook Sketch (Summarizes Available Info)
Facebook Graph (Identifies Account Info)
Facebook Graph (Displays Profile Photo)
Facebook Photo Tracker (Search)
Facebook Directory Users by Name)
Google Plus (Google + SN)
FindPeoplePlus (Google + SN)
GPeep (Google + SN)
GPlusSearch (Google + SN)
ChromeFans (Google + SN)


Custom Twitter Tools (Twiter API Options)
Advanced Twitter Search (Custom Options)
Twitter Location Search (Enter GPS)
Topsy (Occassional Deteled Posts)
GeoChirp (Twitter Mapped Data)
TweetPaths (Mapped Tweets by User)
EchoSec (Mapped Tweets)
MIT Map (Mapped Tweets)
Harvard Map (Mapped Tweets)
OMTM (Mapped Tweets)
TweetDeck (Real Time Monitoring)
HootSuite (Live Data STream)
All My Tweets (Entire Archive)
Twitterfall (Real Time Search)
Twitter Name Search (Twitter Name Search)
Mention Map Closest Friends
Twellow (Twitter Search)
Twitonomy (Twitter Analytics)
Fake Followers (Identifies Fake Accounts)
Status People (Identifies Fake Accounts)
TagWalk (Twitter Account Data)
Twitalyzer (Twitter Account Data)
TweetReach (ID ReTweets)
Twicsy (Live Twitter Photos)
TwitCaps (Twitter Photo Search)
TwitPic (Twitter Photos)
SexyPeek (ADULT Twitter Photo Search)
SleepingTime (Twitter Sleep Schedule)
BackTweets (Search Links Posted)
Followermonk (Analyze Associates)
Followermonk (Analyze Users)
Twitter Directory (Users by Name)

Online Maps

Google Maps (Maps-Satellite/Street View/Images/Videos)
Google Street View (Direct Address Input from Street View)
Instant Street View (High Res Option)
GPSVisualizer (Translate Address to GPS)
Bing Maps (Maps – Satellite Bird’s Eye View)
Bing Maps Twitter (Mapped Tweets)
Bing Maps Jotpix (Mapped YouTube Uploads)
Dual Maps (Dual View)
Maps Of All (Various Satellite Views)
Nokia Maps (Satellite View)
Panoramio (Mapped Photos)


Google Images (Images)
Bing Images
Yahoo Images
 (Reverse Image Search)
Google Similar Images (Reverse Image Search)
NerdyData (Reverse Image Search)
Pictriev (Reverse Image Search)
Yandex (Reversre Image Search)
Karma Decay (Reddit Reverse Image)
Flickr (Photo Sharing)
Flickr Map (Search Photos by Location)
Flickr Searchr (Search Photos by GPS)
Flick ID Translator (Flickr Name > ID)
Dropbox Galleries (Dropbox Photos)
Pipes (Flickr Geo by User)
Pipes (Flickr Latest by User)
Instagram API (Instagram Data)
Webstigram (Instagram Search)
Statigram (Instagram Search)
Followgram (Instagram Search by User)
Worldcam (Instagram Search by Location)
Instamap (Instagram Map)
Instagram Search (Search Instagram)
DataPack (Banned Hastag Search)
DataPack (Multiple Hashtag Search)
Jeffrey’s EXIF Viewer (Preferred EXIF Viewer)
Camera Summary (Alternative EXIF Viewer)
ExifViewer (Alternative EXIF Viewer)
FindExif (Alternative EXIF Viewer)
StolenCameraFinder (Search by Serial)
Camera Trace (Search by Serial)
Image Manipulation (Identifies Edited Images)
Foto Forensics (Identifies Edited Images)
Shutterfly (Photo Sharing)
Picasa (Photo Sharing)
Photobucket (Photo Sharing)
JAlbum (Photo Sharing)
SmugMug (Photo Sharing)
Dropshots (Photo Sharing)
Fotki (Photo Sharing)
Tag Galaxy (Visual Photo Tag Search)


Google Cache (Cached Views)
Bing Cache (Cached Views)
Wayback Machine (Previous Versions of Page)
VisualPing (Advanced Site Monitoring)
Recover My Website (Historic Download)
Change Detection (Notification of Site Changes)
Follow That Page (Notification of Site Changes)
ReoCities (Deleted GeoCities Web Archive)

People Search Engines

Spokeo (People Search)
Pipl (Person Search)
PeepDB (Person Search)
Dossiya (Combined Search)
WhatsPublic (Person Search)
123People (People Meta-Search)
Lullar (Email/Moniker Search)
Yasni (People Meta-Search)
Zaba Search (Addresses and Numbers)
Mamma (Intelius Port for Personal Info)
Zoominfo (Company Searches)
InfoSpace (People Search)
PeekYou (People Search)
YoName (People Search)
Whozat (People Search)
ISeach (People Search)
KGB People (People Search)
Waatp (People Search)
Webmii (People Search)
CVGadget (People Search)
HowManyOfMe (Census by Name)
Zopeo (People Search)
Classmates (Alumni Search)
Mocavo (Yearbooks)

Document Search

PDFGeni (PDF Document Search)
Scribd (Personal Documents)
DocStoc (Personal Documents)
Google Docs (Google Documents)
Dropbox (Uploaded Documents)
TooDoc (Locate Personal Documents)
FindThatFile (Locate Personal Documents)
DocJax (Locate Personal Documents)
FOCA Online (Document Meta Data Viewer)
Custom Pastebins (Meta Search)
Pastebin Alerts (Email Alerts)
Cable Search (Searches Leaked Docs)
Cable Gate (Searches Leaked Docs)
Cryptome Custom (Searches Leaked Docs)
Online OCR (Extract Text from Images)

Social Network Traffic

PDFGeni (PDF Document Search)
Scribd (Personal Documents)
DocStoc (Personal Documents)
Google Docs (Google Documents)
Dropbox (Uploaded Documents)
TooDoc (Locate Personal Documents)
FindThatFile (Locate Personal Documents)
DocJax (Locate Personal Documents)
FOCA Online (Document Meta Data Viewer)
Custom Pastebins (Meta Search)
Pastebin Alerts (Email Alerts)
Cable Search (Searches Leaked Docs)
Cable Gate (Searches Leaked Docs)
Cryptome Custom (Searches Leaked Docs)
Online OCR (Extract Text from Images)

Business Information

LinkedIn (Information Exchange)
Jigsaw (Business Info)
Indeed (Resumes)
Ripoff Report (Business and Individual Complaints)
Jobster (Job Posts / Resumes)
Market Visual (Maps Employees)


Online Auction / Classifieds

Ebay (Online Auctions)
Goofbay (Ebay Misspellings)
FatFingers (Ebay Misspellings)
Flippity (Ebay by Location)
Craigslist (Online Ads)
Craigslist Archive (Google Cached Posts)
SearchAllCraigslist (Searches All Regions)
TotalCraigSearch (Searches All Regions)
NotiCraig (Alerts for CL Posts)
Backpage (Craigslist Alternative)
Backpage Blacklist (“NO-SHOW” Search)
EscortAds (Phone Search)
National Blacklist (Banned “Johns”)
EscortAbuse (Bad “Johns”)
SearchAllJunk (Multiple Site Search)
CityVibe (Online Classifieds-Prostitution)
EROS (Online Classifieds-Prostitution)
Oodle (Online Classifieds)


Dating & Meetups

Match (Online Dating)
Are You Interested (Online Dating)
PlentyOfFish (Online Dating)
Ashley Madison (Online Affairs)
TrueDater (Online Dating Reports)
Dontdatehimgirl (Online Dating Reports)
IJustMadeLove (Adult Relationship Posts)
Meetup (Local Event Participant Search)

NameChk (User Name Search)
UserNameCheck (User Name Search)
KnowEm (User Name Search)
Pipl Moniker (User Name Search)
SnapChat Lookup (UserName to Cell)
MailTester (Email Validation)
VerifyEmail (Email Validation)
Email Validator (Bulk Email Validation)
PeepMail (Email Identification)
Pipl Email (Email Search)
EmailSherlock (Email Search)
Toofr (Business Email Guess)
Email Format (Addresses and Format for Business)
Social Network Search (SN Search Engine)
Compromised Email (DB of Hacked Emails)
HackNotifier (DB of Hacked Emails)
Amazon Search (Review Info)

User Name & Email Search

Bing Social (Live Social Network Search)
IceRocket (Social Network Search)
SocialSeek (Social Content Search)
Social Searcher (Social Content Search)
Social Custom Search (Google Indexed Data)
Geofeedia (Mapped Network Content)
Mapify (Mapped Network Content)
Topsy (Social Network Search)
Convoflow (Social Network Search)
Kurrently (Social Network Search)
48ers (Social Network Search)
Spy (Social Network Search)
Buzzzy (Social Network Search)
Tumblr (Blogs)
Tumblr Custom (Tumblr Search)
Tumblow (Tumblr Search)
Keotag (SN Meta Search)
Social Mention (Real Time Media Search)
WhosTalkin (Social Media Search)
TheHoodUp (Social Network)
Black Planet (Social Network)
MiGente (Social Network)
Asian Avenue (Social Network)
Convicts Reunited (Ex-Cons Looking for Other Ex-Cons)
Orkut (Social Network)
Delicious (Search Other’s Interests)
Previous Delicious (Previous Missing Search Tool)
BlogPulse (Blog Searcher)
Technorati (Blog Searcher)
Million Short (Eliminates Spam Results)

Social Network Traffic

Facebook Recover Lookup (ID Profile)
 (Caller ID Data)
CID DB-Service Objects (Caller ID Data)
CID DB-CID Service (Caller ID Data)
CID DB-Privacy Star (Caller ID Data)
Reverse Genie
 (Reverse Lookups)
Number Guru (Reverse Lookups)
Mr. Number (Reverse Lookups) 
SpyDialer (Records Voicemail Greeting)
SlyDial (Plays Voicemail Greeting)
 (Reverse Lookups)
Voter Registration (Unlisted Addresses by Voter Registration Data)
Craigslist (Custom Phone Search)
Yahoo People Search (Individual Search)
Dex White Pages (Individual Info)
 (General Info)
 (Reverse Lookups)
Cell Revealer (Cellular Phone Search)
NationalCellularDirectory (Phone Info)
Super Pages (Phone Info)
WhoCallsMe (Identify Incoming Calls)
800 Notes (Identify Incoming Calls)
TNID (Identifies Provider)
Infobel (International Database)
Zillow (Real Estate)
House Number (Address by Zip Code)

Telephone & Address

Familywatchdog (Criminal Info)
Felonspy (Criminal Info)
Inmate Search-Illinois (Past & Present Inmates)
Inmate Search-Missouri (Past & Present Inmates)
Inmate Search-Nationwide (Past & Present Inmates)
Criminal Search (Criminal Records by State & County)
CrimeReports (Criminal Activity bt Address)

Criminals & Crime

YouTube (Personal Video Search)
YouTube Options (YouTube Tweaks)
YouTube Captions (Extract Captions From Videos)
YouTube Captons (Alternate Extractor)
YouTube StoryBoard (Print Frames)
Google Video (Personal Video Search)
Bing Video (Personal Video Search)
DetURL (Downloads Videos)
Archive.org Videos (Video Archive with MetaData)
Vine (SN Video Search)
WorldStarHipHop (Gang Videos)


MaxMind (Detailed IP Info)
IP2Location (Detailed IP Info)
IPFingerprints (Detailed IP Info)
Whoismind (Reverse Email to Websites)
Email Location (Locate Business Email Location)
EMail Trace (Header Info Translation)
EMail Trace (Header Info Translation)
WhoIsHostingThis (Determine Web Host)
Blue Backlinks (Locates Pages Linked to Target
SEO Backlinks (Backlink Checker)
SEO Plagiarism (Similar Text Search)
Bing IP (Locate Other Sites on Server)
DomainIntelligence (Damain Report)
Ewhois (ID Google Analytics)
Knock (Identifies Sub-Domains)
PentestTools (Identifies Sub-Domains)
Reddit Domain ID (Mentions on Reddit)
Wigle (Wireless Network Names)

IP / Domain Hosting

BoardReader (Forum Search Engine)
BoardTracker (Forum Search Engine)
Omgili (Forum Search Engine)
Zhift (Forum Search Engine)
Craigslist Forums (Search All CL Forums)
Gogloom (IRC Search)
SearchIRC (IRC User Search)
Topix (Local Messages)

Online Forums

Nationwide County Court Records (By State & County)
Nationwide County Court Records (By State & County)
Judici (Court Records-IL)
Property Search (Example: St. Louis, MO)
Deadbeat Parents (Example: Illinois)
Influence Explorer (Campaign Contributions)
MoneyLine (Campaign Contributions)
MelissaData (Campaign Contributions)

Public Records

BirthdayDatabase (Nationwide DOB)
Legacy (Death Records)
DOB Search (Death Records)
Public Records (Search by State)
Public Records (Various)
Public Records (Various)
SSN Validator (Verify existence of SSN)
Birth / Death Index (Verify Birth / Death Record)
SSN Death Index (Verify Death Record)
SSN Reversal (ID SSN Number)
DMV Records (Varies by State)
Marriage Records (Marriage Validation from Ancestry)
Bankruptcy Info (Automated Phone Systems)
Professional Licenses (License Verification)
Military Registration (Selective Service)
Military Personnel (Personnel Records)
DOB Search (Business Records)
Corporations Search (Corporation Records by State)
County Search (All County Records by State & County)
Google Public Alerts (Public Safety Info)
VinCheck (VIN Report)
VIN Lookup (VIN Report)

Various Records

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