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Facebook Graph Search to add posts, comments to search

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In addition to searching users, pages, and photos, Facebook’s search tool will be able to search through things like posts and comments soon, the company says.

(Credit: Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET)

Facebook posted a deep dive of the tech behind its Graph Search ranking system today and buried at the bottom was a promise of new features: posts and comments search.

Sriram Sankar, an engineering manager on Facebook’s search infrastructure team, wrote in the post that Facebook next steps include a better search on mobile and new content.

“We are also extending our search capabilities to do better text processing and ranking and have better mobile and internationalization support. Finally, we are also working on building a completely new vertical to handle searching posts and comments,” he wrote.

Sankar explained that Facebook builds the search on top of different verticals — categories that house a different Facebook element.

This includes users, pages, and photos, which are categories Facebook members can already search through in Graph Search.

To figure out what categories to add, Facebook engineers are paying attention to what users like to look up most and what kind of answers they are looking for.

“While we have achieved a lot with the launch of Graph Search — by growing our index to hundreds of billions of nodes and trillions of edges — we have in many ways only scratched the surface in building a comprehensive search engine over the Facebook Graph,” he wrote

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